5 “Just Can’t Even” Outfits

I’ve been out of the loop lately with so much going on around here. I’ve finally left my day job after some unnecessary drama and I thought, “Great! I have more time to devote to my blogs!” Then, I get sick. I got a sinus infection on Friday. Then I had to get a pneumonia shot on Monday that I just had a bad reaction to. So, I’ve been in between blowing my nose and taking Ibuprofen for my sore arm and body aches, not to mention fatigue! Ugh.

I was browsing around online trying to get some new post ideas and I came up with these. I’ve had some fun putting together 5 “Just Can’t Even” outfits for those “Just Can’t Even” days like what I’m going through. As soon as I finish this I’m going back to my Hulu and crochet.





What do you think? What do you wear on your “just can’t even” days? Let me know in the comments below!

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Whitney Foster

Whitney Foster is an entrepreneur and educator from Cleveland, OH. She's a foodie and loves crafting, particularly crochet and cross stitching. She also loves children and learning about the world around her.

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